The Journey Begins

My journey begins here to help, awaken, and heal.

I am sharing my personal spiritual awakening that I had.  I suffered from early childhood abuse by my parents who obviously had emotional challenges. I was raised in a seemingly normal Catholic middle-class home and family in Massachusetts, near urban Boston. My parents used strict discipline in our family. This was basically the order of the day, with spankings and thrashings carried out by my father under ‘orders’ from my mother.

It was an atmosphere that instilled fear and punishment. My parents lived in constant fear of raising a child. I was shuttled between schools: back and forth between public schools, military schools, and various Catholic schools where corporal punishment was frequently the ‘regular order of the day.’  You can see the pattern here…

I sum up my early and mid-childhood with two words on collective feelings: total humiliation.

I recently wrote and published my first book, and then revised, retitled, and republished it as a much shorter, more succinct, better-written, and organized work. My principal objective with all this effort was to help awaken people that have endured their own sufferings of abuse by the hands of another and to help them unravel any damaging and lasting effects that these early traumas have had on their subsequent adult lives. My main goal was to create a path of freedom for former suffering abuse victims.

I know that early childhood traumas are very complex and damaging. I have researched this topic matter extensively. I have studied everything from meditation to self-help to other diverse strategies for healing.

This site will give you practical and simple guidance toward healing with inspiration, insight, and the creation of one’s spiritual reawakening.

From its original version “Love and the Infinite, My Memoirs”, my revised, shortened, and renamed book “Love and The Infinite, Healing from Childhood” invites readers to free one’s bonds and fears from the distant past abuse to life with healing through the power of awareness and guided meditations to enlightening and awake a new consciousness through a Higher Power.

Along with and following the first book revision, I have authored a second book “Meditation to Healing Freedom thru Infinite Love”, which is a book focusing on meditation as an important healing strategy oriented for adults who have suffered from love-denied or love-loss situations or from other difficulties or tragedies in their lives. 

Meditation is a process of quieting the mind and body by ‘reaching within’ to our eternal essence or ‘Soul’ which touches with ‘Source’ or “God’. This can heal both mind and body from the ills that affect us in this life. My second book offers: (1) a series of narrative themes which focus on spirituality as a focus in healing opportunities, which coalesce with applications of worldly types of love versus spiritually based Infinite Love; (2) useable meditation processes, techniques, and practices, along with a discussion of experienced meditation practitioners; and (3) offers 100 unique narrative meditations for everyday use. 

Thanks for joining me!

-Bill Dunn, Jr.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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