Your healing journey begins today!

Welcome to my site.  I created this space to share my story and how I have healed through writing a book that included daily meditations.  What I learned through this process was that there are so many people suffering from past abuse, that haven’t found a way to heal the past to move into the future…

Between 2008-2012, I designed and wrote about 12 different meditations, which I actively used in my daily two 20 minute meditation sessions. Then starting in 2013, I drafted Chapter’s 1 and 2 of what would become my book, it was my way of telling my story and how child abuse played a significant role in my young adult life.  Then in 2013 after 15 drafts and the addition of 12 more chapters, I still had work to do.  Then in 2016-17, I added 5 other chapters, eventually re-working all of the chapters.  Finally, in 2017, I submitted my final version to Balboa Press.

-Bill Dunn, Jr.


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