Your healing journey begins today!

Welcome to my site.  I created this space to share my story and how I have healed through writing two books that included healing meditations.  What I learned through this process was that there are so many people suffering from past abuse or other life difficulties that haven’t found a way to heal the past to move into the future…

Between 2008-2012, I designed and wrote 12 different meditations, which I actively use in my daily two 20-minute meditation sessions. Then starting in 2013, I drafted Chapters 1 and 2 of what would become my first book. It would be my way of telling my story and how child abuse played a significant role in my young adult life.  Then in 2013 after 15 drafts and the addition of 12 more chapters, I still had work to do.  Then in 2016-17, I added 4 other chapters, eventually reworking all the chapters.  

Finally, in 2017, I submitted my final version to Balboa Press for publishing under the original title, “Love and the Infinite, My Memoirs.” Between 2017 and 2019, I revised the book with a series of seven separate addendum Afternotes at the end of the main work on important abuse-related topics that came into my mind through continued reading and research.

Then in 2020, I retired from my 48-year state of Massachusetts public service career in education, disability-related work, and environmental protection. At the same time, I realized that I could become a better writer, as the sales from my book over the 3 prior years had been dismal. The book was too long, very ‘wordy’ in spots, needed to be shortened and condensed, and the book title needed to be changed to make it more ‘saleable’ to the public. I spent an entire year from late 2020 thru mid-2021 revising and re-publishing it with the changed title, “Love and the Infinite, Healing from Childhood.”

Additionally, during the period 2021- 2022, I authored a second book “Meditation to Healing Freedom thru Infinite Love,” which is a book focusing on meditation as an important healing strategy for adults who have suffered from love-denied or love-loss situations, or from other difficulties or tragedies in their lives. Meditation is a process of quieting the mind and body by ‘reaching within’ to our eternal essence or ‘Soul’ which touches with Infinite ‘Source’ or ‘God’. This process can help heal both mind and body from the ills that affect us in this life. The book offers: (1) a series of narrative themes which focus on spirituality as a focus in healing opportunities, coalescing with understanding and practical use of worldly types of love and spiritual Infinite Love; (2) a discussion of useable meditation processes, techniques, practices, as well as contributions by experienced meditation practitioners; (3) 100 unique narrative meditations for everyday use by any meditation practitioner or reader.

With the help of my dear daughter, I am in the process of finding a publisher for my second book.

-Bill Dunn, Jr.

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