Relaxing the body and the mind, along with slow, conscious rhythmic breathing in and out, meditating on relaxing the muscles of the body, starting with the: (1) top of the head; then, (2) eyes area; (3) jaw-mouth; (4) the neck area; (5) top of back, shoulders, arms, hands; (6) chest; (7) heart and circulatory system; (8) lungs and breathing system; (9) stomach, intestines, liver, spleen; (10) lower back; (11) lower abdomen; (12) thighs-upper legs; (13) knees; (14) lower legs to feet; (15) now, over the whole body, everything relaxed, including the mind.

Meditation 1

I AM, and always was Equal (Equality)

I AM God, comprised of an incarnate body, and an eternal, Infinite essence or ‘Soul’. I go within myself to that Infinite essence, where there is total acceptance, perfection, peace, love, and quietness. This essence has existed for all eternity, and though I haven’t always been aware of this, it is true. This essence was true with me during my early childhood. It observed and felt all that happened to me then, including the good/positive consisting of any kindness and love from my caretakers, as well as the bad/negative consisting of cruelties, abuse, beatings, and emotional debasements that I suffered. Back then I was scared and frightened of my caretakers not only because of the abuse but also because they loomed so large and tall as compared to my small body.

I often wonder now why my spiritual essence, being so everlasting and seemingly powerful, didn’t rise up and save me from all these early-in-life distresses. But, I also realize that it did save me in a very important sense in that I AM here now totally in the present, fully realizing as of now all that has happened to me in the past. Though I AM here now, I still feel at times like being on emotional crutches, which can be linked to traumas and cruelties suffered in my early childhood. But I AM learning to walk emotionally again. I AM not at fault for having suffered these cruelties and abuses from my caretakers: rather, they are at fault. This is the truth, the fact of which I have had to face square- on. Besides this, I AM in the present, which in the Infinite sense represents simultaneity and eternity, which means there is no more need for me to be concerned about the past.

My Infinite being was equal with my parents/caretakers before birth when I was in the Infinite State, was equal with them at birth and during all my childhood, I AM equal with them now, and I will remain as such through all eternity. I have always been equal because of my Infinite spiritual essence: we are all born equal, as we have all come from and are a part of the Infinite ‘One’. But, via the abuse and negative ways I was treated, I was not regarded by my caretakers as an equal to them through much of my childhood. Because of this cruel treatment, inequality and lesser worth became hard-wired into my brain and mind. But, I was equal then, and realizing this, rights the inequality and lesser worth that I still feel, and makes me ‘whole’ again. I AM now, and always have been equal as ‘One’ with everything in the universe.

I AM calling forth: I AM now standing up tall, moving on with my life joyfully, and casting off the sadness of the past. I AM calling on the Infinite power and love from within me through my strong faith and belief to arise and heal me from all past hurts and the emotional crutches that I still feel as a result of my tumultuous past. I feel this desire in the present tense, and project that out in my mind into eternity.

I AM Infinite perfection, equality, love, warmth, and peace throughout my ‘Soul’ and body. I do have strong faith that I am finally free AT LAST! I AM free, free, free!! And, I will be free through eternity.

I AM Love and the Infinite, and I AM Light.

Meditation 2

Dispelling Indwelling Images of Fear from Past Abuse in Childhood

Chapter 15 of this work described the experiences of three individuals who encountered Near Death Experiences (NDEs) within the Infinite State, who each wrote a book on their encounters. Each of these persons when they returned to this earthly state stated that fear was the principal reason why life within this earthly state is so difficult, with all the negative carry-over effects that it generates here. Each of these three persons had the choice to return here, that this was the best place to be at this point in time, and a large part of their decision to return here (from learning through their NDE there) was to make their remaining life here positive by living each moment back in this state fearlessly. Fear is something that very often follows formerly abused children throughout their adult lives. The reflex ‘fight or flight’ response to fear from physical and/or emotional traumas suffered repeatedly early-on in life get inculcated or ‘hard-wired’ into the developing child’s brain as negative memory imprints, which re-emerge in adult life as imagined at the same time feared responses to everyday ordinary events and challenges.

I can distinctly remember when I was age four or five, lying in my bunk-bed worrying and fearful over Mother’s next set of difficult, criticizing, unloving words that were sure to be headed my way. Mother had a difficult pregnancy carrying me and never ceased to remind me of that throughout childhood. I was intensely fearful over the next negative, critical, or ‘corrective’ words that would be coming my way since I clearly knew Mother was not happy with me at all, in that she always seemed to be angry and cross with me. The slightest thing would set her off negatively toward me. Dad would often warn me: ‘Billy, she’s on the warpath again after you, look out’! Much of my early childhood was spent in paralyzing fear over what would next be coming from her. Subsequently, phobic fears followed me throughout my adult life, being a regular part of my day, e.g., (1) dreaded fear of certain strong-willed females I have crossed paths with during my work and personal life; (2) fear of being away on a vacation, that something bad would happen in the particular house I occupied.

From my own life’s experiences, it was crystal clear where these needless fears and paranoia came from: namely, vestige memory throwback of imprints from within my subconscious mind of negative and harassing childhood experiences with Mother, with almost constant worry and fear over the next set of nasty, loveless words that I knew were coming, with the humiliated, hopeless feeling that I had done nothing wrong to provoke her to communicate such negative threatening thoughts and feelings. From past parental threats and abusive actions, all former abuse victims can clearly identify with their former feelings of fear, worry, and humiliation when they were little children. The constant threat of physical and emotional pain that the little body and mind knew were coming without any substantial justifying cause, hammering fear, worry, and hopelessness into the child’s developing brain which became embedded and repressed into that child’s subconscious mind and consciously forgotten, only to re-emerge much later-on in adult life as needless and unjustified phobic fears and worries over normal everyday life occurrences and challenges.

Once we can identify and become aware of the origins of these worries and fears that are affecting how we feel and act currently in our adult lives, that these represent remnant viral thoughts of love-denied to us when we were children that are re-surfacing as worries, fears, and angst now, then we can determine that these negative feelings from the past need not affect us now because the past is gone and touches us not, that the present is here without all those past oppressions. We can thereby overcome the influences of the past by choosing through free will (in the now) to feel, think, and act differently (i.e., to feel good, without thinking about or feeling these past oppressions). At the same time, we need to be clearly and consciously aware of our Infinite and perfect spiritual connection with the perfect, eternal, Infinite loving and peaceful ‘Source’, ‘One’, or ‘Soul’ that lies within each of us, generating our Source’s healing power to allay, ameliorate and heal all present fears and worries being generated now from negative acts and treatments towards us in the past. Our inner ‘Source’ or ‘Soul’ comprised of total healing love, perfection, and clarity, is ours by us consciously choosing to accept and allow it, that we can consciously call on anytime to relieve all negative bearing worries and fears presently arising from subconscious memories of the past. I AM now thereby Free from all Worries and Fear from My Past, and I AM now Fearless as I go Forward!

Meditation 3

The Universality of Love as a ‘Many Splendored Thing’

If we can just imagine for a moment our existence before being born into this life when we all thrived under the embellishment of Infinite Love back in the prior Infinite State: that consisting of a perfect state of love, acceptance, euphoria, warmth,  joy, and understanding, all merged together under an umbrella of Universal Love. All love and acceptance in that perfect spiritual state was a ‘given’, in that it didn’t have to be ‘earned’ (i.e. ‘worked for’), nor could it ever be taken away like here in this life, nor held accountable for a later-on ‘judgment day’ as is taught by western religious traditions that happens at the end of this physical life. Somehow, Infinite Wisdom fathomed that an even higher awareness and euphoria of the Infinite Love state could be manifested through an Infinite being’s experiencing, via physical life, the contrasting love that wasn’t a ‘given’, in that it had to be ‘worked for’ or ‘earned’, and that it could be conditional, intermittent, or lost temporarily, yet gained back through the effort of various love acts within this physical state..

Dr. David Hawkins’ works and writings point out that while we are here in this (worldly) physical state, we must surrender all resistances and negative human feelings that block love from adsorbing us, and thereby allow in the radiant, spontaneous energies of love to permeate and transform our overall being into a true love state. As the work herein has indicated, many of us have encountered love-denied or love-withheld experiences in childhood, resulting in walls of ‘resistance’ being built around us, preventing the great physical joys of present-day love-sharing with others. We must surrender those barriers and walls, and put in their place true, lasting love to replace the love-lost from our childhoods.

Love in its pragmatic form is largely a product of this physical life, which is often ‘conditional’, (i.e., if you do this for me I’ll love you, but if you don’t, I won’t). Love in its potentially true, ‘unconditional’ form, (i.e., I accept you for everything you are, no matter who you are, or what you’ve been through), is as close and pure to Infinite love that we can experience in this life. From this, can we fathom the difficult-to-imagine dimension of Infinite, totally accepting Eternal Love we will all face at the conclusion this life? That Infinite State is where we emerged from before this life: an Infinite wonder of totally accepting and encompassing love, way beyond anything indicated by Dr. Hawkins or suggested by anyone else about love experienced within this life, even the best of it in an earthly, unconditional sense (e.g., the best romantic relationship here). All of what Dr. Hawkins mentions as love can be conditional or unconditional, and if conditional, can be immediate (now) and temporary, that is here today, or easily ‘taken’ away or gone tomorrow as so often happens through typical physical interactions and experiences with people in this life. But with Infinite Love, it is not only perfect, omniscient, and comprising everything in the Universe, but it is, always was, always will be, cannot be taken away, and is far superior with far greater warmth and euphoric, joyful pleasure than the best romantic relationship here on earth could ever be.

A significant part of the wisdom and dimension of Infinite Love is the reality that ‘forgiveness’ for errors, sins or wrongs committed during this earthly existence is totally unnecessary and absent as a reality in the Infinite State, including entry into that state. Anita Moorjani discovered during her NDE that despite all the emphasis here on earth of a traditionally taught judgment day encounter facing each of us upon entry into the next life, that this was actually totally false, and that entry there is instead manifested with an opening of ‘arms of love and acceptance’ with nothing to judge or forgive, and that any and all ‘faults’ with associated ‘guilt’ and ‘blame’ typically rendered here are completely meaningless and non-existent there.

From the work herein, one of the strongest signals of proof of the existence and power of Universal Love was the discussion of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), whereby each writer who came back to this life from their NDE described an Infinite, Ever-Loving Force near at hand that overflows a love far in excess of anything encountered here in this life. These NDE folks were convinced of: a ‘Source’, ‘Power’, ‘Great Spirit’ or ‘Father’ of the Universe far greater than any of us here could ever imagine, just awaiting our eventual entry into its paradise with open and caring hands. And, we can manifest that reality here, right now: if each of us can simply accept and allow via absolute faith, conscious thought of His total Infinite Love and Wisdom flowing freely, without any doubt or resistance via our ‘Soul’ (our Infinite Love ‘transmitter’ here on earth), infusing each of us (body and mind) with His Infinite Healing Love. Think, Feel, and Believe in the Power of this Infinite Love actually flowing through each one of us.…and healing us…. right here, right now.…and it will happen!…. Really!

Meditation 4

Earthly and Infinite States Connect at a Favorite Place for Healing

One of the most powerful meditations that I have experienced is returning to an actual earthly location where my parents and I, along with close friends/siblings, visited often when I was a child: a place where we all had fun and happy times together. For anyone, this place could be by a beautiful lake or pond, by a stream at a campsite, in a cabin in the woods, in a picnic area overlooking a stream or mountains, at a beach cottage near the ocean, or anywhere on this earth where there is some sort of scenic beauty. This place would have very special meaning for you, your caretakers, and other participants because, within the main- stem sea of otherwise negative occurrences, it contrasted and brought tremendous joy and happiness to all involved. Just returning or imagining going there (you alone) and reminiscing at that very spot where you all congregated/stayed, where you and your parents sat (if imagining, picture that in your mind), what was said: the jokes, the stories, the laughter, and joy, makes this slowly replace all those ‘not so happy’ times, and through this positive intent connects your spirit with theirs, and slowly, very slowly creates within you the feeling of soothing peace and healing, and each time you return to revisit that favorite spot re-establishes, reinforces, and strengthens that feeling of peace and healing.

Many people make it a point to return to the burial gravesite of their parents or relatives, to recollect earthly memories of when they were here, and spiritually reconnect with their loved ones’ spirits or Souls. But I have found a much stronger and more positive spiritual connection by actually going to a geographical site where the family once frequented, where there was a truly happy, joyful, and relaxing state between members. Since I perceive that the Infinite State is totally a joyful one, I feel that going to a physical place within this earthly state where there was joy and happiness actually best connects the Infinite States of all parties: the Infinite parts of the ‘Souls’ still in the earthly state with those that have departed to the Infinite side.

For me: what is significant is returning to Singing Beach, Manchester, MA, as often as I can, and sitting at the back of the beach on the east end in front of a group of 60 foot high glacially calved rocks, exactly where my parents and I, along with their two best friends Mary and Fernand, would sit together late in the afternoon when the sun’s heat had receded somewhat. Reminiscing listening to them talk, all happy and joyful, having a great time, enjoying the beach and surroundings as well as themselves, contrasts with all the negative encounters back at home. Just reminiscing on those happy times there creates, for me, an intense connection with my folks spiritually. I can actually FEEL that they are there, in spirit, at that very moment (the present). This brings feelings of very intense emotions of Nirvana, ecstasy, and joy to me, which brings tears to my eyes from joy, (not sadness), a bodily tingly sensation, and a distinct movement toward healing. Each time I return to that spot and meditate there late in the afternoon, my feelings of spiritual connection with my folks gets stronger.(note: a) several words in the last sentence were left out; b) also, include next <Afterword to this Meditation>)

<Afterword to this Meditation: From reading James Van Praagh, ‘Talking with Heaven’, and Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer ‘Co- Creating at its Best’, in combination with my own thoughts: that spiritual connection or contact with deceased parents/caretakers on the Infinite side is best manifested through positive rather than negative or combative thinking and feeling. Our parents/caretakers on the other side are available, awaiting our conscious connection with them: they are in a pure state of bliss and Infinite love, totally devoid of all effects of their former lifetime, i.e., childhood upbringing and training, any hatred or negativity, earthly culture, rules, and expectations they experienced here. They only have Infinite love to offer, nothing else. The best way to initiate contact with their essences is via remembrance of joyful/positive events we once shared with them>.

Meditation 5

Infinite Wisdom and Forgiveness

The whole issue of forgiveness came to the forefront of my mind with recently updated news regarding the 1989 horrific Hillsborough, England tragedy at Sheffield Stadium where 96 people were trampled to death in a clearly overcrowded, incompetently managed situation at that facility. For the victims’ surviving families, ‘forgiveness’ was finally realized after 28 years of police, authorities, and the news media blaming the fans at that time for having been drunk and creating a riot at that event: a recent high court inquest now finally determining that the fans were not drunk or at fault, and were thereby forgiven, that instead the stadium authorities and police were to be blamed for the disaster as well as for the cover-up of the true facts following the event.

This is just one example throughout history of tremendous energy, time and efforts spent with human affairs on all aspects of forgiveness, with this really being the engine that drives so much of the negativity from encounters and resultant feelings that all people have to endure and satisfy within this life. There are so many examples of forgiveness: forgiveness for mercy at trial; forgiveness of hatred or hurt from another or others; forgiveness for debts owed; forgiveness for abusers from childhood; forgiveness for horrors rendered on victims of holocausts or wars. Particularly relevant to this work, forgiveness is rooted in the desire of folks who were mistreated as children to make desperate attempts, either actually or figuratively, to seek some sort of acknowledgment of sorrow from their caretakers for these past abusive acts. Each of us has to meet some sort of ‘standard’, ‘grade’, or ‘expectation’ for forgiveness set by others in so many situations, and if we fail to meet these, we are scorned and made to feel ‘awful’.

The ultimate to all this is ‘final judgment day’ when at departure from this life, each of us is pulled before a spiritual judge or tribunal of sorts to give a less than forgiving life’s accounting and review of our entire life’s pursuits and accomplishments, and if we don’t ‘measure up’ to some sort of ‘good life’ high standards, we are denied entry through the gates to Nirvana, and instead are sent through a purgation (or ‘purgatory’) stage, or worse still to an eternal ‘hell’. On top of this threat, Christian scriptures suggest another less than sanguine and unforgiving suggestion that only a select few at life’s conclusion will actually proceed through those ‘pearly gates’ to Nirvana, that the standards of judgment for any, or all, persons to get there are extremely strict and high!

I well remember Anita Moorjani’s account in her work, “Dying to be Me”, about her Infinite-side NDE and how all the sorrows from her prior earthly state of things not fulfilled, or people not repatriated or forgiven, clearly did not matter in that enlightened, Infinite State of existence: in other words, all former judgments resulting from earthly life were totally and absolutely suspended in the next Infinite life-state. Anita found from her learning there that all final judgment that people had been led to believe that occurs at this life’s end was all bunk, that there is nothing to forgive nor to take-away from the earthly state into the Infinite State, that we are all accepted there for what we are, which is Pure and Perfect Love, nothing else. This confirms the opinions of Uell Anderson, Neville Goddard, Wayne Dyer, and Florence Shinn discussed earlier in this work, that all aspects of final judgment are inventions and creations of mankind to control human behavior, society, and related situations here. These aspects clearly are all not relevant, nor do they exist in the Infinite State. Also, seeking or granting forgiveness there did not matter. Anita found and felt enormous relief when she was there from the responsibility of having to find, give, earn, or receive forgiveness for any supposed sin or indiscretion committed in her life before (here).

Let us meditate on the totality of what that might mean, implications-wise, for our life here. If we can each choose via free will to make heaven on earth, how can we manage or manifest in our lives here a stress-free state of mind and affairs when it comes to utilizing the concept of ‘forgiveness’? How does a perfect Infinite State manage its affairs without a concept of forgiveness? What if we could accept the fact that there is no negative judgment at the end of this life, nor any need for forgiveness of sins or indiscretions, rather only the awaiting and loving hands of our Infinite Source to greet us? Might this be a beginning intent of relief and acceptance we will feel upon entering the Infinite State? Perhaps here in this earthly life, forgiveness is a needed ‘modus-operandi’ tool on a day-to-day basis to smoothly guide us through human affairs, but extending forgiveness into spiritual dimensions, such as part of a final judging process is unrealistic since this ‘judging’ is clearly not pertinent within that Infinite State.

Meditation 6

My Inner Child Cries Out for Healing through the Voice, Power, and Love of ‘Infinite Spirit’

My own inner child cries out…that it wants to be released and re-created into a happy, untrammeled child, without the constant worry and fear over the next suspicions, angry words, accusations, or punishments without justification that were certain to head my way over the ‘bad-boy image’ that always seemed to be following me throughout the days of my boyhood. My mother had a difficult pregnancy carrying me and never ceased to remind me of that during my earliest years. As an adult now, I feel so sorry that my inner child had to suffer so much debasement and mistreatment, and also so sorry I lacked back at that time the adult maturity and awareness to help rescue it. I completely apologize to my inner child for these unavoidable indiscretions. I want to claim back the happiness that was denied to it, and re-enliven that long lost child as one who was then and is now, wholly deserving of being treated as a tower of absolute love.

That little child still resides within me, a mature older adult, waiting to burst forth with the opportunity to say: finally, I want to be loved and be free for all that I am and all I deserve to be and should have been way back then, but wasn’t. And I recognize now that as a child, I would have loved to have had loving and supportive parents, but often these things were missing. So I must love that oppressed child still residing within me as if it deserved so much better. I must allow it time and space to blossom forth and receive the love, praise, and ease of being raised because it truly deserves the re-living of a happy and rewarding childhood. I need to remake a happy child to replace the total humiliation from before with all of its negative and unrewarding memories. This would give me the basis for actual healing which would be a great accomplishment. I am remaking my own early life history and replacing the thoughts of what occurred in the past with positive thoughts of what a kind and loving childhood should have and could have been.

I go within myself where my inner child resides, to my invincible and powerful ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul’ where ’Infinite Source’, or ‘Higher Power’ resides. Within this ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul’ lies the essence of the entire universe where all goodness and law are evident. This internal place within me, which is totally away from the clamor of the ego-driven human world, is perfectly peaceful, quiet, and euphoric. This quiet inner sanctum easily translates healing outward when I ask of it to my sore, inflamed, and shattered body and mind from my childhood past, and harkens comfort, solace, and true love from within me. This represents Divine Law and Presence, and its truth represents the unlimited power of creation and being through Infinite Love of Spirit. I AM Love, I always was Love, I always will be Love. The truth about my Infinite ‘Source’ or ‘God’ is Infinite Love for all of creation and existence, particularly for the all- good peace of my Inner Child.

The energy of my Spirit (‘Soul’) permeates my entire being, and totally cleanses me of all past calamities that have affected the child-part of my psyche, and restores perfect happiness and health to my whole being. This healing is perfect. Since my being is ultimately spiritual, perception and acceptance of this fact as Great Truth renders acceptance and healing throughout my present body and mind from ALL past harm that it has endured, including the sufferings encountered repeatedly during my childhood days. I surrender both body and mind to the total goodness, wisdom, and guidance of my ‘Source’ (God), and thereby God’s purpose becomes mine. There is no remaining negativity or obstruction from past abuse to flood my mind, only for me to choose to surrender my whole being to God’s total and unrelenting love. I have unshakeable faith and trust in the power and presence of His Infinite Healing Love.

  • I now cast off as irrelevant all past negativities projected upon me as a child by my caretakers & others, and at the same time replace these by allowing (surrendering to) all kindnesses shown to me both during my childhood and now as ‘Pearls of the Universe’;
  • I am not the lesser, evil-tending, imbecilic, or unwanted person that I was regarded long ago as a child by my caretakers, but rather, I was then and am now the Treasure and Jewel of the Universe, being part of and merged with all Goodness and Perfection of Infinite Spirit (or God) within that same Universe;
  • I am a very powerful and good person, who is perfectly capable of standing up tall and declaring their rights as a perfect and everlasting constituted being, fully deserving of being completely respected, and fully capable of enjoying favorite activities and sharing love with others, and ignoring all past depravities that my little body-mind once endured.

I hereby open my entire being consisting of both body and ‘Soul’ to the total energizing and positive unconditional love of my Source (God), which heals my body from any effect of negative thinking that might permeate into my mind. Therefore, this automatically heals my body, and protects me from all bad thoughts that may arise from the past, thus making all bad events of the past ‘null and void’. I think only positive thoughts for the present and future, and project these same thoughts through my ‘Soul’ into actions in my present life. I renew doing activities and things that I enjoyed doing in childhood, or things I enjoy doing now, without any worries over ‘watchdog’ caretakers, as I am completely free from them now!.

I know that at the center of me, (i.e., my ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul’), I AM ageless, limitless, deathless, perfect, warm, happy, and equal, for this ‘Spirit’ permeates my bodily and worldly affairs now. When I become confused, unhappy, or worried again, I consciously think of my ‘Infinite Source’, or ‘God’, and I surrender to Him for His perfect Love, Compassion, Clarity, and Healing through unshakeable belief that I AM healed, and totally away from all of the sad, unfortunate past.

I AM truly Love and the Infinite! …….And, I AM finally free, free, free…at last!!!

In Retrospect: from the words of the Lord Jesus, who clearly understood the common plight of many children in His time here on earth: (1) “Suffer little children to come unto me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” Matthew 19:14 (KJV); (2) “Take Heed that ye despise not one of these little ones, for I say unto you that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father” Matthew 18:10 (KJV)

Meditation 7

Creating an Infinite, Healing Relationship through One’s Guardian Angel and Selected Archangels

After completion of my main work: “Love and the Infinite, My Memoirs”, in continuing research into healing solutions for victims of past child abuse situations, I came across two wonderfully inspiring works: (1) “Your Guardian Angel Needs You”; (2) “Working with Archangels”, both by Theolyn Cortens. The whole ‘Angel topic’ appears to me to offer enormous potential as a helpful healer for all past victims of child abuse. I had heard before about Guardian Angels, and even made brief mention of making conscious contact with them in two of the 23 meditations in my work. However, both her works give a much greater researched, detailed, analytical, and insightful-type approach into looking at the whole dimension of Angels and how they can assist and help us humans in this life, (for more information, Google: Theolyn Cortens, Angels).

The backdrop spiritual leader (from my work herein) is: ThePrince of Peace’, or Jesus, who proclaimed as His promise to all children during his public life on Earth: “Take Heed that ye despise not one of these little ones, for I say unto you that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father” Matthew 18:10 (KJV). These words demonstrate that Jesus was clearly aware during His lifetime on Earth about sufferings that many little children had to bear under the umbrella of ignorant or oppressive caretakers.

Our spiritual essence or higher self (our ‘Soul’) is comprised of a Guardian Angel who is purely spiritual in nature (i.e., an energy or vibration), without a name, body, voice, or having any physical characteristics. This angel mainly influences us through small clues, inspirations, and thoughts, which are all mostly gentle and ‘subtle’. This entity comprises the ‘active’ part of each person’s higher self, or ‘Soul’, during their lifetime. The discovery of this Divinity within each of us is through conscious contact and communication with our Guardian Angel. It is as if a ‘communication link’ exists within us, that through reflection or meditation, quiet thoughts will arise as if coming from ‘somewhere’ else mysteriously, but very distinctly with clarity and rational, reasonable explanation making clear sense to each of us. This entity has always been, is presently, and will always be available to assist each of us if we consciously and willingly choose (from Neville in my work) to make the effort to connect with it. This angel is our spiritual guide, mentor, and best friend spiritually.

One can ask their Guardian Angel to guide them to other Angels (e.g., Archangels) to facilitate their help with life’s difficulties. The description summaries presented below (information from Theolyn’s Archangel work) represent my own selection of a group of Archangels whom I feel would potentially provide soothing assistance, understanding, and healing for any current adult ‘refugees’ of past child abuse. We want our Guardian Angel to help facilitate our highest needs through the attributes and spirit of any combination of the examples of Archangels from the Tree of Life, or Zodiac summarized below (italicized words below relate to healing which can potentially connect to past childhood troubles).

(1) Sandalphon- the Guardian. Attributes: trust, reliability, stewardship. He has been visualized by people as wearing sandals. He has feet to ground on earth and head to sky in Heaven, bringing a river of Infinite Love from Heaven to us. He offers us an olive branch as a symbol and manifestation of peace. He manifests calmness in asking us to Trust in the love of Divinity. He offers masculine, brotherly, gentle, and sweetly given love, and can be quite playful. He has environmental concerns for preservation of our planet. He has his feet solidly on earth as He once experienced a human life ages ago in Hebraic times as ‘Elijah’, thus would be aware of (troubled) human childhood situations. Traditions tell that even Sandalphon at times requires help from certain other Archangels to help rid evil in human affairs, as evil here can be extreme and thereby so difficult to fix.

(2) Auriel- the Companion. Attributes: tender loving care, mending hurts.  She is ‘of the earth’, and the partner to Sandalphon, and through this is able to work with combining qualities of both masculine and feminine. She is competent and assured in self-knowledge. She is a Queen of Angels and supports the Divine Mother role of Zaphkiel. Auriel can nurture and soothe our inner child, and encourages the feeling of emotional security and strong self-worth. She reassures and supports us so we feel ‘comfortable’ in everything we do. Her message of nurturing and soothing our inner child coalesces with Meditation # 4 in my work, “My Inner Child Cries Out for Healing”.

(3) Raphael- the Healer. Attributes: Healing, Harmony. Raphael (she) is the principal healing Archangel, who is architect, facilitator, and deliverer of the message: “I am the River of Divine Healing flowing over the Earth”. She works also with Zaphkiel re. healing. She can provide a gentle soothing balm: a calm, warm, comforting, and loving energy of healing. Her love gives reassurance that can help unwind tensions, anxieties, angst, past difficulties, worries, and release all related negativities. She can help to bring families back together. God appointed Raphael as the ‘Angel of healing’, who in her safe keeping has all the medical insights, knowledge, and healing remedies that would be useful on Earth. Raphael brings people together in personal relationships, which is a powerful part of the healing processfor folks (new true-love opportunities to replace past love- denied is emphasized in my work).

(4) Zaphkiel: Understanding. Attributes: Unconditional love, compassion. She works with Raphael. She is a higher vibration of Auriel, and stands in the upper Gate part in the Tree of Life on the feminine side and is called ‘Compassionate Mother’, or ‘Angel of Contemplation’. Her name means ‘Knowledge of God’, whose business is low-key, beneath the boards, or unnoticed. She represents Divine Mother, in support of the Queen of Angels. Auriel has similar traits, interests, and roles in this regard. Thinking about her is blissful. Many healers have found that along with working thru Raphael to help heal themselves or people with afflictions, Zaphkiel can help with healing physical or psychological maladies rooted in older family related issues going back in time (e.g., genetics, or abuse). She creates soothing to various hurts in life.

(5) Zadkiel: The Comforter. Attributes: abundance, generosity, enthusiasm. Zadkiel provides us with a direct connection to the boundless abundance of the Divine. St. Germaine, an Ascended Master, is said to have utilized insights from Zadkiel. It is said that St. Germaine helped to activate a violet flame from Zadkiel, a healing energy, which thru conscious imaging of that or violet surroundings, helps to dispel human negativity. All restrictions felt by the emotions in life are self-imposed (mental) and can be deliberately controlled. Do things in life that seem pleasurable and move toward abundance, as the Universe is overflowing with it. Having a clear picture of one’s life desires is like a magnet attracting them into reality, and having concerns as to how this will happen can create something surprisingly ‘out of the blue’ to turn up.

(6) The Shekinah- The Queen of Heaven. Attributes: mercy, karmic release, blessings. She is the unseen presence of the Divine, and is the greatest feminine power in all creation. She is suggestive of having a great capacity for gentle surrender. Mythological/ Hebraic traditions suggest she resides at the middle of the world or a stone, and from this center-point, a Divine energy blessing known as ‘Everflow’ or ‘Shefa’ flows, which thru meditation, the flow of blessings is distributed as healing throughout the world. The loving, soft thoughts coming from The Shekinah connect with a verse from the Song of Solomon (8.6) “Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm, for love is stronger than death”. She claims herself to be the ‘Lady of the Mountain’, who commands: “come draw me out, for the world has need of me”.

7) Cael- Archangel of the Zodiac (Cancer- 22 June- 22 July). Angel Partner from the Tree of Life: Auriel (of the Moon). Cael is a nurturing Feminine Energy which is connected to the Wellspring of Divine Love, like a cascading waterfall. She brings joy and delight and welcomes those in need of tender loving care, and calls small children to their knees (with her love). She offers intuitive wisdom from Infinite Source to anyone who will listen. One’s family can benefit from the tender loving care of Cael, who can help access ancestral wisdom, especially from the maternal, feminine side.

(8) Barakiel- Archangel of the Zodiac (Pisces- 19 February- 20 March). Angel Partner from the Tree of Life: Zaphkiel. Attributes: wisdom, Infinite Love, and nurturing- Barakiel brings us wisdom from the deep ocean of Infinite Love on the unity of consciousness of humanity, and reconnects our spiritual cords to the source of Divine compassion. Along with Zaphkiel, she reminds us that all we need is love; that love is easier then resentment or anger. She is the loving mother who moves gentle tides of healing waters across one’s Soul. She breathes softly into the heart of the Divine, bringing Love towards her, and then releasing it to us. When we work with Barakiel, the barriers to Love melt away, and we realize how close we are to heaven. She asks us to totally surrender to Divine Love, and to give out love ceaselessly so she can fill each of us over and over again with more Divine Love.

The Holy Spirit: Combines the energies of all existing Archangels. In meditation, the image of the Holy Spirit is depicted as a White Dove. It represents a totally peaceful light in a completely dark background, suspending and surrendering our physical earthly being, at the same time connecting our inner spiritual being to the Universal Higher Force of Divine Inspiration.

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